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02 October 2017

I wish you love

Goodbye, no use leading with our chins
This is where our story ends
Never lovers, ever friends

Let’s get this out of the way – what you’re reading is this blog’s last post.  As the rumormongers have related (some with sadness, others undoubtedly with unbridled glee), it’s true:  I am leaving the Oracle EPM world and embarking on a new technical life.  

Would someone mind dropping a pin?  Ah, good.

I’m not going to bore you overmuch with the reasons why – those who know me well have heard it all too many times – and I’ll not spread the agony of those who have already listened to it.

What I will tell you is that I am both excited and apprehensive all at the same time.  Excited because I have a great opportunity in front of me that is mine if I will only take it, nervous because I am trading literally decades of experience away to be the n00biest of n00bs.

What am I doing?  I am joining OneStream Software as an employee.  Look for me on consulting projects, spreading terror and despair joy and confidence amongst OneStream XF customers wherever I go.

Want to learn more about my journey?  Read my new blog, The Truth About CPM (or, for you Oraclites, The Truth About EPM), where my new world will be discovered.  
Goodbye, let our hearts call it a day
But before you walk away
I sincerely want to say
But that’s me.  What about you?  Beyond me earning my daily crust, I’ve written books, maintained this blog, worked for and with ODTUG, tweeted (twitted is more apropos), messageboarded, and generally done everything I can and more for our community because, simply, I like to help others.  If you didn’t reciprocate, I wouldn’t’ve bothered.  Even a whacko like Yr. Obt. Svt. has limits.

I wish you bluebirds in the spring
To give your heart a song to sing
And then a kiss, but more than this
I wish you love

And you have been more than gracious.  Would I be an (ex)Oracle ACE Director without you?  Would any of my suckers who fell for a pitch esteemed fellow authors have sacrificed as much as they did?  Would I have served on the board of ODTUG without your votes?  Would I have any conference sessions without bums on seats?  Would any of you bothered to help me in all things technical as you have?  You’re nobody till somebody loves you.

And in July, a lemonade
To cool you in some leafy glade
I wish you health and more than wealth
I wish you love

I love the Oracle EPM community.  That means you, Gentle Reader.
My breaking heart and I agree
That you and I could never be
So with my best, my very best
I set you free
I have done my best, my very best, to reach out to you; you have repaid me in far greater ways.

So why, Cameron?  Why are you leaving this cozy world?  Yes, I wrote I wouldn’t bore you with the details, but ask yourself, why does anyone change directions?  What are some of your job concerns, desires, and dreams?

I love Essbase:  I love its elegance, I love its power, and I love the problems it solves because at the end of the Essbase day, solving problems is its raison d'être.

Having said that, I can tell you that I’ve been in the Essbase world a long time.  Longer, sadly (heh, thinking of the alternative, gladly really), than some of you have been sentient beings.  Seriously, try 23 years.  That is a long time in any IT technology.  It is, and has been for quite some time, time for a change.  And so there will be.

You’re not going to need my best wishes, are you?  Talented people – even ones who read my blog – land on their feet.

I’ve met a few of you in real life and it has been a delight but I know most of you from this wondrous thing we call the web.  It has been an honor and a privilege.

Hot damn, I wish you love
All kinds of love, a whole gang of love

Love is a strong world.  I love coffee, I love my pets, I love hiking, I love my family.

And, as I’ve related above, I love my Essbase/Planning/ODI/ODTUG world because you’ve loved me back.  Yes, really.

Here, in nothing but alphabetical order, are just some of those I love.  Please, if I’ve forgotten you, don’t be offended.  There are a lot of you that I owe much to.  I doubt I can ever repay my debt to you:  Joe Aultman, John Booth, Jessica Cordova, Gary Crisci, Natalie Delemar, Martin D'Souza, Dave Farnsworth, Laura Ferris, Tim German, Ricardo Giampaoli, Jason Jones, Celvin Kattkooran, Prasad Kularni, Monty Latiolais, Peg Leisen, Steve Liebermensch, Rich Magee, Josie Manzano, Al Marciante, Kathleen McCasland, Matt Millela, Sree Menon, Kash Mohhammadi, Mike Nader, Jennifer Nicholson, ODTUG, Dan Pressman, Rodrigo Radtke de Souza, Kumar Ramaiyer, Mark Rittman, Gabby Rubin, Glenn Schwartzberg, Denise Storm, Tim Tow, Shankar Viswanathan, Toufic Wakim, and as noted, many others.

And listen, I’m not dead yet.

Wait for me

Yeah, www.thetruthaboutcpm.com is going to be that awesome.  Although no dance routines.  Or singing ability (TonyB doesn’t really any introduction, does he?).  Or witty lyrics (Can some of you really not know who Steve Allen is?).  But I will wear a hat.  

Most of all please, let there be love.

Join me, won’t you?


Javier said...

Good luck, Cameron. Your blog has been an excellent source of ideas. Thank you.

I don't know you but, given the generosity evident in these posts, I'm sure you will do well in your next endeavor.

That said, you'll be back. It's Essbase that decides who gets out.

Sandeep said...

You have been a great teacher. All the very best in your endeavor.

Amit said...

WIsh you the best!

Kerry Laws said...

All the best for the next adventure Cameron! I know we only met the one time and I have bothered you far too many times than would probably be considered polite but your generosity, kindness and willingness to help guide, teach and share your knowledge with a crazy chick from
(a sometimes backwards) South Africa will never be forgotten.
I hope to stay in touch and follow the next chapter with interest. To infinity and beyond I would say... :-) Kerry

Jack Traynor said...

Congratulations on your new adventure Cameron.

We folks that are stuck in the Oracle EPM world are going to miss your blog posts and conference presentations but I'm sure all of us agree that we're happy to see you move on to bigger and better things.

Good luck - and I hope to bump into you agains soon.

amarnath said...

All the best Cameron for your new journey
We all miss you and your blog posts. All your blog posts can become one whole book :)

We never know, we may cross paths

Judith Wasserman said...

Good Luck Cameron, it is hard to leave a technology you have work with for decades, I did it a few years ago. I wish you well. It is exciting and scary at the same time. You are in good company with OneStream!

CK_Dexter said...

Good Luck Cameron


Cameron Lackpour said...

CK Dexter Haven? How's Philly? Okay, you've heard that before, haven't you?

I'm not a fan of MAD. How about this version:

All kidding aside, thank you for your kind words.


Kannan Krishnan said...

Best Wishes Cameron. Hope that our paths cross again sometime in the near future

Kannan Krishnan.

TimF said...

Best of luck with the new gig. You'll, no doubt, crush it.

Eric said...

Thanks for your many years of invaluable contributions to the Oracle EPM Community. Wishing you the best over at OneStream.

Robert Armstrong said...

Wish you well Cameron, I too am starting my transition to a new and probably more exciting career after 20+ yrs in the Hyperion world of consulting.